Seamless way
to swap via CEL

One of the fastest-growing tokens on the market

CEL Market Price

Available for

Metamask Fox

Coming soon for
Celsius Wallet

Celsius Wallet

(as well as Coinbase, Wallet Connect, Fortmatic...)


By the community
for the community

Swap coins via CEL coin
pairs trustlessly

Cel swap is the community effort to make swapping CEL tokens easy for everyone. Increasing your loyalty level and getting the best reward rates has never been this easy.

What is

There is no order book or a centralized entity determining the price of assets. Instead CelSwap utilizes smart contracts to create liquidity pools and enable swapping tokens.

Each pool is defined by a smart contract that includes a few functions to enable swapping tokens, adding liquidity and more.

How are prices

Liquidity pools are routed through CEL tokens meaning one of the coins in the pair has to be CEL. In essence each pool is a simple function x*y=k. The function maintains the price in which the trade can happen.

  • In the future anyone will be able to add liquidity

  • Prices are determined by smart contracts

  • Connect your wallet

  • Swap coins trustlessly

  • In the future you will be rewarded for providing liquidity

  • Contribute to the community

Why did we
build CelSwap?

Because, in the world of BTC and ETH, we still believe that CEL token can be base currency and this is one of forms we want to validate that assumption.

If you choose to earn in CEL tokens, inside of Celsius App, the rates increase

up to 30%

based on the percentage of CEL tokens in your wallet

This means that suddenly there can be people who have more CEL tokens than they want, simply because they can earn more with them. CelSwap is here to absorb those tokens, either by having them in LP or being swapped for some other token and vice versa.

CelSwap is the community effort to make CEL more accessible to the community

Why all this???

W (Rathfield)
Guy filling LP form

thank u

Shan McDonell
Other guy filling LP form

I also have Celsius wallet you can verify through my email address. Is the metamask address the correct address you are requesting. This is all very new to me. Thank you

*we cannot verify because we are CelSwap AMM, not Celsius app...

Capitao Nascimento
Wannabe LP

I am very committed in the long term to make this project sustainable.

Web Trading
Also a guy from form

Great initiative.

Jimmy Z

to Celsians

We are a small team of Celsians dedicated to giving back to the community!

We are always looking for more like-minded developers to give back to the community.

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